vanBasco's Karaoke Player, often abbreviated as vBK and vKP, is a MIDI/karaoke program that can play MIDI and KAR files. This program lags the least out of all the programs, and plays every single sound the MIDI contains (although it can be a bit garbled). Unlike other programs, if vBK reaches a lag point, the program itself slows down to make up the lost notes. Thus, vanBasco is a very stable program. When paired with an equally strong synth, it can be a very powerful tool for playing extremely overpowering MIDIs. 


VanBasco running under Windows 8.1.

Like many other MIDI Players, vBK was not designed for the purpose of playing black MIDI music, it's primary purpose is to open karaoke files and display lyrics while playing music, which is a feature most other MIDI Players do not have. Despite this, it is one of the best at playing songs with large amounts of notes due to its ability to slow down in lag points. It is also the best player that displays the notes in a visual keyboard, which TMIDI and BASSMIDI Tester do not do. 

Another feature that vBK has that other players do not have is the ability to display instrument names (though they can't be changed like in Synthesia and TMIDI ), and the ability to mute and solo tracks (using the blue and red buttons at the side of each track). Although this is more useful when the program is used for karaoke purposes, this feature still makes it better than other players.

Birthday special Fujiwara no Mokou's Theme 21 million notes

Birthday special Fujiwara no Mokou's Theme 21 million notes

VanBasco vs. Fujiwara no Mokou's Theme 21 million notes