The Nuker (formerly known as The Destroyer II) was a series of medley mashup black MIDIs made by Emex Dénvîr which were known for their usage of TheSuperMarioBros2’s melodies as well as high note counts. The Nuker series became popular after Carlos S. M. uploaded a video of The Nuker 1.9.3, the last and final release of The Nuker 1. It was superseded by The Nuker 2 and The Nuker 3. Dénvîr finished the Nuker series with the release of The Nuker 3 F3 on the 13th of October, 2016, packing over 530 million notes. The series has been put on indefinite hiatus since the third one was finished, with future attention being put towards the "Tsar Bomb," a MIDI series of similar intent. Despite the popularity of the series among the Black MIDI fanbase, also it has been the object of controversy and criticism due to its composition of silent notes as well as the usage of other blackers' phrases / melodies.

The Nuker 1

The Nuker, originally called “The Destroyer II,” was the first installment in the Nuker series. The first version was made in December 2015 as the Destroyer II 1.0.0, but it was never released and the series never saw light until 1.4 in late December 2015 with the latest version being 1.9.3 released around March 2016 with +26 Million notes. All Nuker 1 MIDIs were made by Emex himself, with nobody assisting him with the development.

Original video of The Nuker 1.9

Original video of The Nuker 1.9.3

The Nuker 2

The Nuker 2 was the second installment of the Nuker series; development began around March 2016 and finished 2 months later. It initially had a goal of about 50 million notes, but actually reached 100 million. The latest version of the second Nuker MIDI is F1, released around May 2016 with over 142 million notes. It was also the first version to be made by more than 1 person and the first version aimed at high note counts. It was likely because of this that the criticism of the series began.

The Nuker II F1 video

The Nuker II F1 video.21 Million - Almost NO LAG

Video of The Nuker 2 F1

The Nuker 3

The Nuker 3, originally called “The Supernova,” was the third and last installment of The Nuker series. Development started July 2016, had a goal of 300 million notes and was developed by the XERO MIDI Team until F1, when XERO MIDI got dissolved. The Nuker 3’s development was the longest of all of the Nuker series' installments and was cancelled multiple times during its development due to some issues initially. The Nuker 3 reached its final stage in September 2016, but failed to reach the main 300 million note goal. F2 was released later but was a failure. Finally, in October, F3 got released and the note count surpassed the main 300 million goal, turning the version into a 500+ million note MIDI. TN3 F1 and later releases became known as the largest MIDI exported with FL Studio.

The Nuker 3 F3 video

The Nuker 3 F3 video.53 Billion - Almost No LAG

Video of The Nuker 3 F3

Reception and Criticism

Earlier versions of The Nuker (1.4-1.6?) were received relatively positively by the Black MIDI fanbase, but later, Emex decided to shift and go to extreme note counts starting with The Nuker 1.7 and continued until the last version of The Nuker 3. The Nuker series maintains a positive/mixed reception among the fanbase and a mixed reception on the BMT.

The Nuker series was heavily criticized due to its high/extreme spam to melody ratio, the unoriginality of most of the melodies used (particularly its high usage of TSMB2 melodies on the series), also The Nuker and The Nuker 2 got criticized as well for containing stolen art from other MIDIs, part of the fanbase criticized The Nuker series for begin really private and very hard to get the MIDI. Some high ranked BMT members such as TheSuperMarioBros2, Thomass and KaleidonKep99 were detractors of The Nuker series.

TSMB2's rant on The Nuker series