Tom's MIDI Player 64-bit, "TMIDI64," is an updated version of TMIDI developed by Tom Grandgent. It got updated to be 64 bit and support up to 65536 tracks instead of 512 in the older 32 bit version. Same as the 32 bit version, TMIDI is written entirely from scratch instead of relying on the MIDI player built into Windows. Because of this, TMIDI offers enhanced display and control over the music playback. It can also play files that most other MIDI players struggle in. Not to be confused with TMIDI Player and the 32 bit TMIDI.



  • 64 Bit
  • Can open very large amounts of notes (+500 Million)
  • Loads MIDI files a lot quicker than other MIDI programs.


  • May be less stable than 32-bit version.