This is a list of the largest MIDIs by the number of notes. Keep in mind that quantity ≠ quality. Most MIDIs below are generally unplayable due to high note count and size.

Top 25 Largest MIDIs

# Title Notes Blacker/Creator Size Source Comments
1 TheTrueEnd 93,823,560,428,205 Ste-Art 256 TB First MIDI to hit the max possible note count
2 "Armageddon v3" 93,823,560,428,205 Gingeas 256 TB Google+ Gingeas' third and last Armageddon MIDI, second MIDI to hit the max possible note count
3 NoiseMIDI 93,823,560,428,205 Charlie Yan 256 TB [1]Discord
4 TheLastNote 93,823,560,428,205 WoofFace4000 256 TB [2]Discord
5 Ashes 93,823,560,428,205 Arduano 256 TB Discord
6 Ievan's Polka Infinite Star Wars 53,745,997,855,018 ooo 000, Charlie Yan 429 TB Video Largest known Black MIDI to have a melody
7 Happy Theme of DEATH V10 35,180,980,081,758 AwesomeGamer89, Arduano ? Video Google Drive
8 The Hypernova 31,274,520,033,510 TheGhastModding ?
9 Paprika's Trillion Note MIDI 2,661,824,754,708 Orangepaprika 67 21 TB Video
10 Bad Apple RTX 2080Ti 2,198,553,505,690 ooo 000, Charlie Yan 16,0 TB Video
11 Happy Birthday 1,127,184,800,000 WoofFace4000 8,20 TB Video
12 "Armageddon v2" 1,073,741,814,995 Gingeas ~4,2 TB Google+ Post First known MIDI to hit the 1 trillion note mark
13 "Armageddon" 536,870,907,495 Gingeas ~2,14 TB Google+ Post
14 Bad Apple!! feat. nomico 280,000,000,000 Gingeas 1,1 TB Largest known MIDI by Gingeas before Armageddon
15 Ievan's Polka Infinite War of Sky City 178,808,863,018 ooo 000, Charlie Yan 150 TB Video
16 Bad Apple!! feat. nomico 160,000,000,000 Gingeas 650 GB
17 Happy Theme of DEATH V9 134,149,869,003 AwesomeGamer89 Video[3]Google Drive
18 Necrofantasia 110,000,000,000 ICEWiimaker 413 GB
19 100 billion lagtester 103,124,452,674 YAMAHAPSR 800 794 GB Video
20 Happy Theme of DEATH V8 75,000,000,000 AwesomeGamer89 VideoGoogle Drive
21 Bad Apple Synth Z+ 67,388,005,715 ooo 000 502 GB Video
22 Super Mario Bros BGM 62,925,570,581 Charlie Yan VideoDiscord
23 Necrofantasia 60,000,000,000 ICEWiimaker 201 GB
24 Red Zone 50,700,000,000 Jinjenia 170 GB
25 U.N. Owen Was Her 42,840,000,000 bm93 160 GB

Notable large MIDIs

During the Black MIDI History, there were many notable large MIDIs

MIDI Name Note count Size Date/Year Author Comments
Necrofantasia 47 million 47,882,401 ? 2013? ICEWiimaker MIDI doesn't actually exist, only mentioned as begin part of Black MIDI History, rumor was debunked by ICW herself
LBSFS "0.18" Billion 171.486.720 1 GB Q3 2013 Zumn Last multimillion MIDI by Zumn, one of the earlist known 100+ million note MIDIs
Reach for the Moon ~ Immortal Smoke "21" Million 32,303,593 185 MB Q3 2013 ICEWiimaker One of her first public large MIDIs in Youtube, actual note count wasn't found until 2014
Necrofantasia "53" Million 50,084,325 329 MB Q3 2013 ICEWiimaker, Gingeas Combination of ICW, TSMB2 and TTC Necrofantasia MIDIs, also first largest MIDI ever opened in 64 bit PFA
Final Savage Sister Flandre S. 110 Million 112,687,825 809 MB Q4 2013 Landau Martin First BMT made MIDI to surpass the 100 million mark
Red Zone 120 Million 122.634.632 943 MB Q4 2013 TheGamingNinja759 Second BMT made 100+ million MIDI
Bad Apple!! 280 Billion 280,000,000,000 1.1 TB Q1 2014(?) Gingeas' 1 TB Bad Apple!! MIDI, also known to be his largest MIDI before Armageddon
FL Studio Limiter 30,210,048 Q1 2014 Jinjenia Largest known FL studio exported MIDI in 2014
0.5 Billion 507,795,841 1.8 GB Q3 2014 Gingeas Largest MIDI to be opened in PFA in terms of note count
"Armageddon" 536,870,907,495 2.1TB Q4 2014 Gingeas First MIDI in the series, largest MIDI made in 2014
"Armageddon" V2 1,073,741,814,995 4.2 TB Q2 2015 Gingeas First trillion note MIDI
TheTrueEnd 93,823,560,428,205 256 TB Q2 2015 Ste-Art First MIDI to reach the max possible note count, Largest MIDI made in 2015 until today
Bad Apple!! 174 Million 174,604,297 1.4 GB Q1 2016 dcsm First known 100+ Million Note MIDI exported from FL Studio
The Nuker 2 142,216,648 1 GB Q2 2016 Emex Denvir, Alexander Verevkin, Cooper Fletcher, BlackHawk 580,

KF 2015

First known collaboration MIDI to reach 100+ Million
The Nuker 3 F1 197,590,626 1.4 GB Q3 2016 Emex Denvir, Alexander Verevkin, BlackHawk 580,

KF 2015

Largest exported FL Studio MIDI as of 2016
The Nuker 3 F2 ~268,000,000 2 GB Q4 2016 Emex Denvir, Alexander Verevkin, BlackHawk 580,

KF 2015

Largest successfully exported exported FL Studio MIDI
The Nuker 3 F3 535,925,934 3 GB Q4 2016 Emex Denvir, Alexander Verevkin, BlackHawk 580,

KF 2015

Largest known FL MIDI, can't be exported as whole
Bad Apple!! 270 Million 270,343,937 2 GB Q4 2016 Geoseff Ritona Largest known MIDI merged using Anvil Studio
"Armageddon" V3 93,823,560,428,205 256 TB Q4 2016 Gingeas Largest MIDI by Gingeas and last on the series, on par with TrueEnd
Bad Apple Rare ADSF Mode 266,468,282 1.99 GB Q3 2017 Alexander Verevkin Largest MIDI to be opened in PFA in terms of filesize


MIDITrail 2013-06-12 19-31-25-32

MIDITrail playing Necrofantasia 47 million notes

  • Necrofantasia 47 million notes MIDI by ICEWiimaker has turned out to be a rumor. MIDITrail screenshots of this MIDI exists in 4 different camera angles. However, ICEWiimaker claimed that she could not open Necrofantasia 7 million notes on her MIDITrail.
  • Most MIDIs with billions of notes are synthetically made and are unopenable.
  • Gingeas's 13 million Necrofantasia was a failed attempt to merge TheSuperMarioBros2's and TheTrustedComputer's Necrofantasia.
  • Reach For The Moon ~ Immortal Smoke 32.3 Million was originally thought to be approximately 21 million notes, but it was later found out that this was not the case.
  • The maximum possible notes you can create in a MIDI file is approximately 70,367,670,435,840 notes or 93,823,560,428,205 when using running status. Armageddon V3, TheTrueEnd, Ashes are notable examples.
  • TheTrueEnd is the first known MIDI to reach the max possible note count on a MIDI file.
  • Bad Apple!! 174.6 Million is the first MIDI made in FL Studio that exceeds 40 million notes.
  • The Nuker 3 F2 is the largest MIDI ever successfully exported using FL Studio as today.
  • Final Savage Sister Flandre S. 180 Million by ZUMN actually have 171 million.
  • Final Savage Sister Flandre S. 110 Million was the first BMT member made MIDI (excluding Gingeas) to break the 100 million mark.
  • MIDI Intensity is the number of notes in the song divided by the number of seconds in the song.
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