File:Video of FL Studio in action Working on Red Zone 2 MILLION

FruityLoops Studio , known as FL Studio, is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that is used by some members to black MIDIs. It is primarily used by veteran member TheSuperMarioBros2 as well as some newer members such as TheGamingNinja759 and EpreTroll. It has a lot of functions pertaining for MIDI effects, but can lag a little bit. 

Pros and Cons


  • Has many exclusive MIDI functions many other MIDI programs do not have; automates some functions such as flipping notes, reversing notes, etc. 
  • Supports counting of notes
  • Supports soundfont input, so one can listen to their MIDI before it is exported 
  • Is 64-bit and can support multiple cores (although not all)
  • Stable, and often updated 


  • Can get very laggy at times when pasting a large volume of notes
  • Can take a long time to load and export MIDIs