Domino is a Japanese MIDI sequencer developed by Takabo Soft that some of the Black MIDI Team members use to create or black a MIDI. This only comes with the Japanese language, but there are patches for it.

Version 1.44 is the last version available.


Takashi Iida, Takabo Soft's founder, confirming that 1.44 is the last version of Domino.


Pros and Cons


  • Performance is faster than FL Studio
  • Higher resolution (PPQN) can be chosen
  • MIDI events can be edited manually
  • Can handle up to 22 million notes, if the 4GB patch is applied, up to 80 million notes can be handled


  • Large MIDIs can take a long time
  • The latest version's English translation is only partial
  • Playback is very laggy, although applying the WinMM Wrapper Patch improves performance significantly
  • Duplicated notes are removed (Although overlapping notes are kept)