The Black MIDI Team (commonly referred to as the BMT) is a group of YouTubers and non-YouTubers who compose Black MIDIs. The team has been in operation for a couple years and steadily moved up in notoriety.

The Black MIDI Team was founded by TheTrustedComputer and TheSuperMarioBros2 around 2012. Since its inception, people periodically join the team. It is important to mention that there are many black MIDI video makers that are in the community, just not in the team, who upload sporadically.

Note that there are much more people participating in the Black MIDI Community and that the team is not the central authority to the genre. Most, but not all of them, are fans of black MIDIs.


In 2015, when Gingeas became leader, he depreciated part of the rank system and started a new branch system for the BMT

The BMT currently have 3 branches as of today

  • BMT-S: This branch is composed by leaders and all high ranked members
  • BMT-A: The main BMT branch, is composed by all the BMT Members
  • BMT-N: The newcomers branch, they are not really BMT Members, but

Depreciated branches/ranks:

  • Low level Member: Limited BMT member rank, people who joined the BMT recently started with this rank, some members, notably Gingeas didn't like the idea and this rank got depreciated by the current BMT-N branch in 2015


The BMT currently have 28 members in total. 26 of them are active.

In total, 42 members overall have once joined the BMT but 14 of them have left or been banned.

A quick table of the most actively important and most uploading members:

Member Specializations Subscribers
TheTrustedComputer Founder of the Black MIDI Team. Creates quality Black MIDIs; displaying others' MIDIs on

sheet music through SSW (black score)

TheSuperMarioBros2 Co-founder of the Black MIDI Team. Creates Black MIDIs using original compositions and

unique blacking styles. Deemed the best Black MIDI creator by many.

Snake8Bit Blackening high quality million MIDIs; making lagless & sharp video presentations 5,572
Gingeas Blackening and merging of large MIDIs, and uploading quality videos; technical, behind-the-scenes 52,193
EpreTroll Blacker, mainly known for his "128 Keys Synthesia" videos. EpreTroll puts lots of effort into his videos and loves editing. 60,037
mineLOLpride Makes MIDIs usually from scratch, and creates good quality audio usually for when making no-lag videos as well. 345
Sir Spork Makes Black MIDI covers of well known songs and other songs, Most famous for his 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' MIDI 2,600~
Natsuki8000 Making stress testers; playing black MIDI songs with minimal lag 1,771
KaleidonKep99 Known for his programs (Keppy's MIDI Converter etc.) and his soundfonts (Keppy's Steinway Piano). He's the founder of this wikia. 250~
Ryan0201 (formerly RVC) Playing black MIDIs beyond a million notes; no lag videos Making MIDIs 430
Carlos Santana Montjoy Playing high note count MIDIs; making comparison videos and challenges, and well known

for being very tech savvy

BedrockSolid Blacking quality MIDIs and experimenting with MIDIs with external programs 2,473
BusiedGem High-Ranked Blacker, uses PFA and Synthesia to Play MIDIs 10,745
Gray V. Blacker, uses PFA to play MIDIs 130
Yair92002 Blacker, uses vanBasco and PFA to play MIDIs 79
Tikronix (Cooper Fletcher) Blacker, uses PFA to Play MIDIs, makes other random videos 228
linux.gemini / İlteriş Eroğlu High-ranked Blacker, makes OR and audio only MIDIs, uses PFA to Play MIDIs 88
vesteel Blacker, uses PFA to Play MIDIs 259
AudioTestsNReviews / ATNR. Soundfont and MIDI driver tester, creates comparisons 236
Alexander Verevkin / Alexander VV Playing his own blacked compositions and also makes no lag videos on PFA 336
MusiMasta Blacker and piano arranger. Playing MIDIs through PFA and Synthesia. 724
Kanade Tachibana Blacker, best known for his Tetris Theme A MIDI. Playing MIDIs through MIDITrail and PFA. 1,069
ScubDomino Blacking MIDIs from various Touhou Project songs, plays MIDIs in PFA, MIDITrail and Synthesia. 1,011
BlackHawk580 Blacker, mainly uses PFA to play MIDIs. 169
Infernis Blacker, uses PFA and Synthesia to play MIDIs. 65
Kieran Smith Minor Blacker and Merger. Uploads MIDIs with his computer. Known for his Klonoa Black MIDIs 219
HDSQ.mid Blacks MIDIs from scratch. Known for his original compositions.

Inactive Members

Member Specializations Current Status Subscribers
TheGamingNinja759 Blackening MIDIs from scratch, as well as new spins on MIDIs; no lag videos Inactive 212
Alessio Scarlet Uploads MIDIs with his computer Inactive 433

Former BMT Members (Old BMT members who left the team or got kicked/banned from the team)

Member Specializations Current Status Subscribers
vloggercousins Playing songs with minimal lag, like Natsuki8000 Left the BMT 593
KnucklesARouge Playing others' MIDIs in Piano From Above
The MIDI Muffin Uploads MIDIs with his computer
TFPAcer78 Blackening MIDIs Using Anvil Studio
Landau Martin Playing others' MIDIs in Piano From Above Kicked/Deleted all MIDI videos 430
Rick Speedd Creating Black MIDIs of some songs Left the BMT 330
PianoKid0051 Blackening crashless MIDIs from 150K-~2M Left the BMT/Unlisted all Black MIDI videos 479
PianoVideosJustForU (PVJFU) Playing others' MIDIs in Piano From Above Left the BMT 289
Nuclear Pug (Geoseff Ritona) Minor blacker, uses multiple programs to play MIDIs, usually with minimal to no lag, also creates OR and audio only MIDIs Left the BMT 138
d-c-s-m Creates Black MIDIs of his own compositions. Banned 205
Jinjenia Making quality black MIDIs from a good range of notes; playing other people's MIDIs Left the BMT/Banned/Unlisted all Black MIDI videos 231
Derplet1 Making MIDIs and playing others on various programs Left the BMT (Channel Closed) -
GamingSpag Playing others' MIDIs in MIDITrail and Piano From Above Kicked 95
Z-Doc Piano Player/Zarhym Raider (Z-Doc R.) Making High Quality Pop Music Black MIDIs; showing other people's MIDIs in Black Sheet format Left the BMT (Channel Closed) -

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